Boy Elephant toy

I'm working on a knitted toy project. I selected the Boy Elephant pattern by Julie Williams over on Little Cotton Rabbits. Her website is so cute I suggest heading over there some time and give it a little read. She has some lovely knits worth checking out.

The cuteness of this toy! This elephant I tell you, oh my, so adorable. I'm going to just want to play with this lil chap when he's all done. All of her little animal toys are absolutely fantastically cute! I just about want to knit every last one of them and keep them all to myself. Their sweet little outfits are so lovely. Children do love to dress their toys. My girlies love putting little knitted clothes on their animal friends. That reminds me, I do need to mend that pink dress which has seen too much love these days.

Before casting on I was in search of a good yarn. The author suggests choosing a good cotton yarn to make these toys. If one can not be found a nice DK blend are her suggestions. I knew I had a little bit of DK gray yarn in my stash but not enough. Ravelry suggested I use my Cascade super wash yarn. I thought about possibly having to hit the yarn store but I grabbed the two balls in my stash that looked good color wise. I decided to knit this elephant using the 2 skeins of gray Grignasco Springfield Vintage. This yarn is a 50% merino and 50% cotton blend. Funny thing is that I had no idea this yarn was a blended yarn, it had the perfect gray color I was looking for and in the right weight. I'm very pleased that the yarn fits more of the author's suggestions of using a cotton yarn, and she even mentions a cotton wool blend is ideal.

So far this is a great knit. I am enjoying the pattern as it comes together. I might be a tad excited for this toy. It certainly has a joyful feel about it as I sit to work on making him.


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