Gulf side Florida weekend

Our weekend was spent in sunny Florida. We traveled to Naples for one of the Mister's friends' wedding. We were not sure this wedding was going happen considering the recent hurricane damage. And let me tell you there is considerable damage in the Naples area. As we drove around town there were countless piles of debris, mostly trees, that had been blown apart. Signs and windows, just about anything that could be smashed was damaged. Seeing the news is one thing driving around being able to almost touch the destruction is quite another. 

While the clean up process is going to take this area some time to do it was good to see that the town was active and people were in good spirits. Houses were being repaired new signs were being installed and the beach was still a welcome place for all. 

We enjoyed our time at the beach living like a local for these few days. 

Although we could have stayed much longer we managed to get in a great deal of sunshine. 

The best thing about going to the beach is the simplistic entertainment. No one complains about screen time, being bored, or anything else.....well except being hungry. The beach makes everyone hungry and thirsty. 

Sunset weddings are truly magical. Even though we spent the entire day at the beach the littlest two were mildly irritated with us because we forbid them from dashing into the water in their wedding dresses. Fortunately a few playmates and the prospect of running a muck poolside made the girls forget all about not being able to jump into the surf one last time. 


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