Princesses do not eat pancakes

This morning on another episode why Mothers are mental every day brought to you by Janie the resident Princess.

Scene begins with the Mother preparing breakfast for the girl children. The 7 year old is enthusiastically looking forward to her plate of pancakes. Enter the 3 year old Princess dressed in a very worn and mostly torn to bits very pink puffy ballerina costume wielding a beat up silver wand. She scans the kitchen locating the Mother and says emphatically "Princesses do NOT eat pancakes" 

The Mother frowns and gulps coffee from a mug shaped like a cauldron. The 7 year old girl is prancing around singing at full volume a made up song about glorious pancakes. 

The princess is still not pleased. She adds "Princesses like pink." She continues to size up the Mother who is peering down at her over the cauldron mug. The girl repeats her first statement "Princesses do NOT eat pancakes". 

The Mother presents Princess child with unacceptable yet to most people very delicious options that are all declined. The Princess suggests in her blooming negotiating skills that "Princesses really (pronounced wheelly) like fruit snacks. Or.......cookies. And chocolate" she continues to stare down her Mother. The mother returns the Princess' stare with her own "Stare of doom" and upon seeing this look from her mother's face emerge in to the stare of Frozen Souls, manages to respond with "Well.....Princesses do like sweet things. I think this princess will have pancakes, please". 

And the kingdom lives another day.


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