A New York Minute weekend

On our way home from Rhode Island we stopped for the night in NYC. We have been wanting to take the girls to New York City for ages. The various reasons for not doing so sooner mostly involved having very small children. Now that the time was right for us we took advantage of our proximity. We spent 24 hours in NYC and made the best of every minute we had to see the sights and taste the foods. Most of the places we had only minutes to see and did our best at taking in the sights.

We had to see the NYC Public Library. This is where we spent a good deal of time. I have always wanted to visit this library, well any in NYC, but this is a well known research library and a must see for this library lover. I was being a bit too curious but at least the staff were willing to answer my questions about the various ways their building retrieved materials.

Leah is not excited about history reference books. 

A bonus was to see the Winnie the Pooh collection on display in the Children's Library. The Winnie-the-Pooh toys. The real deal on display to see. That was so fantastic. 

We walked by and around Radio City Music Hall and Rockafeller Center. It was so very crowded. Everyone wanted to ice skate and get a look at the tree.

I tried to get a decent picture but someone was not being cooperative. I took the pictures as is.

We stopped in to see St. Patrick's Cathedral. Wow! I love going to see Catholic Churches. So much beautiful art. Amazing. 

Times Square was just nuts. It's a must see. And see the things you will. We saw the infamous Naked Cowboy and some other oddities. Loud and bright that's what Times Square is when you visit. 

For dinner it was off to Little Italy. You can not come to NYC and miss Little Italy. 

This is the best place for families to eat. Why go to NYC and eat chain food? You come to NYC to eat NYC food. We walked down the street until one of the callers told us they had a table for 6. Getting a table that big in NYC is almost impossible unless you had to Little Italy where big Catholic families are normal.

   Amici II on Mulberry Street was the restaurant where we decided to dine. The kids ate and ate and ate. Not one morsel was left, not one little girl complained about the food, they were stuffed silly. It was a fantastic dinner.

After dinner we walked over to Ferrara's for some dessert. Everything they make is amazing. We highly recommend the cheesecakes.

 We finished the night by visiting the Twin Towers 9-11 memorial. There's not much to say. Keith and I experienced the DC tragedy of this day with much distress. We felt we had to come here and visit to feel the New York side of this most horrible day. Somber. We offered some prayers to the victims and their families and left with a heart full of memories.

While we didn't intend to end the night with such a sad reminder of the world we live in, it was still a beautiful memorial. The kids had a great day seeing so many things. We plan to return to see a show and some more of New York City in the spring. 


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