Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

It begins and ends with pie. We got up early to cheer on Keith at the Pie Run. It was a very brisk, windy morning. We waited indoors at the YMCA until he was close to finishing the race. Every racer was rewarded with a small pie. 

After the race Keith wanted to walk along the Newport Cliff Walk. The best place for us to park was the east end of Bailey's Beach. Bailey's Beach is a local favorite. Janie and I spent an afternoon here last fall. It's a great beach where you can swim and get some delicious food at the snack bar. There is even a small aquarium you can visit during the warm months.

The Newport Cliff Walkway is a trail along the cliffs of the shoreline which happens to allow people to take a glimpse of some of Newport's beautiful gilded mansions. These were the homes of many notable families like the Breakers of the Vanderbilt family.

The trial offers such beautiful views of Newport. I highly recommend making a stop to take a look at this beautiful town from the cliffs. Truly a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Our meal was amazing thanks to our dear friends who are family to us. They hosted a lovely weekend that was well needed. Leah loved getting special attention from their news addition, Star. She's a delightful spunky Siamese. She's a charmer.

We enjoyed getting to hug and love on the littlest guy. He's quite a fella. This kid is a champion eater. I was beyond amazed at how much he loves to try new foods. What a blessing! And he's rather cute too! Little D was a tad apprehensive around Uncle Keith but figured out Uncle Keith is a lot of fun.

The day ended with three types of pie. Because it's Thanksgiving I decided to live it up and go for the pie!


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