A hat in process

About a month ago I cast on for this hat. It's called the Honey Hat by Knitting for Breakfast. These lovely sisters from northern Italy are lovers of knitting and coffee. They write patterns that are so beautiful. I recently discovered them and love their work. I have a few more of their patterns in my queue.

When I cast on I was thinking I would have more than enough time to get this hat done by Christmas. As you can see that didn’t quite happen. No worries! I had other little gift knits I was working on that took more time than anticipated. On this very cold Sunday afternoon I am right back at it with this lovely hat. A hat for me! I can’t tell you how much I needed this hat these past few weeks full of bitter deep cold. As I look to the forecast and see the temperatures are looking to near the 60s by week’s that just makes me laugh. I guess I better get this hat done soon! 

I have not updated my notes in Ravelry so far I will do so when the hat is complete. If you are wondering about the yarn I am using Susan B. Anderson’s Barrett Wool Co. Home worsted yarn in the color Humble Gold. This yarn is so wonderful to work with and the color is an absolutely perfect cheerful yellow. If you haven’t tried any of Barrett Wool Co.'s yarn yet you need to get yourself a skein. 


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