Christmas Wrap up

It always brings a feeling of sadness to begin the process of putting away our Christmas decorations. 

Of all the seasons and holidays Christmas is the one that will always be the focus of family. A coming in together being wrapped up in the feeling of love with whispers of new beginnings and knowing here is where you belong. 

For some of us this experience takes years to finally feel in our hearts the way it is meant to be. As I have traveled and been far from the family of my childhood most of my life I realize that my vision and expectations have changed. 

Before marriage my family were the people in my dorm, coworkers, friends, and the random person I knew needed to have a place to be. And now I have a blend of it all. 

Building your family is a life’s work. Through it all the same holds true. A coming together, being in each other’s company, soaking in all of the joy of these people you love share with you. That is the gift of family.


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