Victor Talking Machine

Let me introduce you to our liquor cabinet. 

This unique piece was found with the help of a local antique dealer. It was in need of some work but was in fantastic shape for being close to 100 years old. It is a Victrola “Victor Talking Machine” cabinet. This upright model of victrola cabinets were discontinued in 1925. The turntable and horn had been removed years before and the cabinet with multiple shelves inside was likely used for general storage. 

 When I laid eyes upon it I knew this was the solution to our liquor storage problem. A clever way to store liquor out of sight in a beautiful cabinet. Previously all the liquor had been stored in the dining room china cabinet. While that was a fine idea for many years the need to put actual China in that cabinet has been put off too long. The antique dealer cleaned up the cabinet added new hardware and brought the natural oak tiger wood back to life.

 I didn’t need shelves or anything extra built inside just the space this cabinet had to offer. I store the liquor in the top with an easy to open lid for access. The small upper doors can open to access cups and other small items. I use the lower portion to store all of our stemware and small plates. Possibly larger bottles of liquor will go there too. 

It’s rather spacious for its footprint and looks so delightful in our living room. I have been fascinated by the antique cabinet that was once a center of someone’s home. The joy it brought to families long ago with its music is now having a second chance of being a part of a home. 


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