Wee Little Girl Gnome Hat

A few days ago I went to search in my stash for a skein of yarn for a new project. In the process of sifting through the bins I found a long forgotten project bag. This little project was cast on long, long, ago. I could tell that I cast on for some sort of baby hat but there was no pattern in my bag which means I was likely going to knit a rolled brim hat. Since the hat was nearly half complete, likely abandoned because at the time I was indecisive about how best to begin the reducing rounds. 

Sometimes I am baffled by my knitting decisions. Why didn't I just go on and choose a method and finish the hat?

I sat pounding this project. Really trying hard to imagine the best hat then I decided to try something different. What did this yarn want to be? Elfish things seemed more in line with this Musique yarn from Crystal Palace. (45% acrylic, 40% wool, 15% cotton) The color is called Valentines. I used nearly the whole 65 yards of this skein. I used US 11 dpns knitting and reducing every 3-4 rounds until the hat looked pointy and gnome worthy. 

And just like that a wee little girl gnome hat came off the needles last night. It's adorable. Now to find a little gnome who needs a hat. 


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