Senior Prom!

Prom night! These two are the cutest! He was such a gentleman when he came to the door, completely surprised by Lady L all dressed up. My sweet gal was just so adorable when he presented her with the corsage. She looked stunning in her vintage style dress.

I am so new to this phase of life having to think about Prom and flowers that I really forgot to buy a boutonnière for L's date. Good thing Grandma was here to remind me. It was far too late to order anything. After her countless years worth of experience of Prom and Wedding flowers Grandma was a pro at making the boutonnière. She decided it was best to make one ourselves.

She and I went to the store and bought $.99 worth of flowers. We picked up some pins and floral tape then went home to get working on the boutonnière. It turned out beautiful. Many people thought we had it made professionally. We did! Our family floral expert made it with her magical touch. 

The dining room was the beauty command center for 4, 5, 6 girls? I lost track. The door kept opening up with another girl showing up in a rush of fabric and sparkle filled arms.  Make up and hair and lots of glamorous dresses. It looked like a fashion magazine here! We even managed to make magical beauty happen for the gal who arrived very late desperately needing to get ready ASAP. As in 15 minutes! Hair! Makeup! Many hands got busy. We did it! They made it to dinner on time and should be dancing away the night. It helps to have an amazingly talented and patient hairstylist younger sister willing to make the dramatic up-dos possible. Lady O is our resident hair expert. Many of the girls here tonight went to Prom with one of a kind gorgeous styles.

Having a house full of all these gals chatting and getting make up applied made for an entertaining afternoon. It was such a lovely moment. Those times when you look back and know how wonderful it is to have that friendship of women with you. The bond of transforming your every day self into a magically beautiful woman ready to go to a ball. The Cinderella moment all little girls dreamed of when their big day arrives. Magic did happen here today what a delight it was to watch bloom in all of these lovely women. 


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