Circle of bunny life

It’s bunny season. Equal parts cute and dreadful. The dreadful part has nothing to do with our garden. Although we do have a few visitors sitting around the fence perimeter considering possibilities for entrance they have not been able to penetrate the fence. The dreadful, really, very dreadful part of this time of year is the circle of life. Our kitty Lincoln is an excellent critter controller. It is a very needed asset for our property. The difficulty is keeping the victims alive! So far so good this season. It has been mostly a catch and release type of year. Lincoln catches the prize and I release the bunny and give it an opportunity to get away. It has been tricky as he is not so inclined to let go of his prizes. Sometimes a little bribe will do....other times it’s rather comical trying to negotiate the terms. What our King of the forest does with his catches while we are busy is left to the circle of life. This has provided much education to our daughters on the real and present understanding of how animals fit in the local ecosystem. Both delightful wonder and somber reality.


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