Butterfly Cocoon Set

The Butterfly and Cocoon set by Susan B. Anderson is another great toy for all ages. I say all ages because I love this little set so much.  A cute little butterfly that tucks in its little cocoon? Why yes please! I have been making this toy with my 7 year old in mind. The four year old picked the Sweet Bee pattern for her choice of toy. (That is a great pattern too!)

While my daughter had interesting ideas for the color of the cocoon I decided to use a more natural brown. I was able to change her mind by reminding her about her own butterfly observations. 

There had been some serious discussions with the 7 year old about what colors are appropriate for the wings. We settled on the dark purple. While I would have selected a different color she was insistent on the purple. She was very happy with her butterfly. She named it Jack-o-lantern. 


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