Mantel corner

Corners of my home: the right hand corner of the mantel. The house is quiet this morning, just me and the silence of the day. The Mister is off to work and the littles are all snoozing away. These peaceful summer mornings are signs of a well lived day. Playing outdoors, exploring, and the doing of all things until the sun goes down are the wonders of childhood. I remember those days where you were so tired from the day that you slept deeply. Seeing the ruffled hair and sleepy eyes as they make their way to the kitchen always make me smile. 

Of the things you see here: The painting and layered glass white and blue vase I found at Homegoods. The tall gold textured metal vase and sweet blush and agave soy candle are from Target. The skinny glass bud vase came from my mom’s house. It's probably considered vintage! I filled it with shoreline rock from Maine and silk flowers. The small purple soap stone elephant is from the fair trade store Latitudes. It happens to belong to the four year old but since she leaves it around in places for me to step on I decided to set it here. The small candles were gifts from my students and another river rock from Maine. 


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