Troy, Ohio

A quiet Sunday morning stroll around town. There is something almost magical about these moments. With no rush and few people around the sidewalks are empty leaving the silent buildings to themselves. Finding those interesting corners was so fascinating. 

Murals. They draw me in every time. We passed this one and its striking use of monochrome was perfectly set in this corner of town. Troy Ohio, this part of Ohio in general has a rich history that is tied to the various rivers that snake their way through the valley. Winding their way through gorgeous farmland and thick forests these rivers have been the veins of life luring people to this land for generations. Canals have been a significant part of Ohio’s history offering an important role in travel through the frontier by making transportation of supplies through the state safer and faster than by land alone. Ohio has been the crossroads of America a long time. While canals are no longer a necessity the river tradition is still a beloved part of our history. 


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