Knit elephant: off he goes


This charming chap found a new home this season. He was sent North to a home with two elephant loving boys. He was such fun to make. Originally I made a white sweater with a cute golden button. Then I remembered that this toy is intended for a very young boy and that button was going to be a potential choking hazard. Though rare that it would be I preferred not to risk that in sending him out. So, it was a change of outfit. I decided to keep the cute striped shorts because: CUTE. What I needed was another color to make a new sweater. I decided that a nice fading brown would do. For this sweater I used a different pattern that did not require buttons and such to get in the way of play. Isn't he just the cutest? 

He was lovingly packed into a box. It was hard to say goodbye to dear elephant. He had been welcome here with both girls finding time to admire him and his adorableness. But before he was tucked away in his box he received ample hugs and kisses from my sweet little gals. They wanted him to be all ready for love when he was delivered. 


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