Basement reno

One of the features of marrying a high energy adventurous person is waking up on New Year’s Eve to discover a new family bonding project. See how excited the teens are about bonding! 

Since I’m disinclined to let things just lay about without efficiency I find myself getting messy too. Two days of work and the feature wall is nearly finished. Stonework is done as of 8pm New Year’s Day. We let the wall cure for two days then begin the finishing. I have painting homework. Honestly I have no idea what it’s going to look like since every project the Mister begins is briefly described to me with bits of detail for the portions I am involved with doing/making. And there’s the part about how he changes his mind. Frequently. Note: this is our basement aka the family room. The only room our TV resides. Currently this level of construction mess is unrecognizable compared to the other 3/4 of the room which is a toy room. Our kids have hardly missed/noticed the TV is out of commission for the past few days. The biggest loss has been not having the sofa available as it is where the TV is “sleeping” as described by the five year old. 


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