Basement Family Room

Our unexpected New Year's weekend project is all done. After a rather upsetting football season my husband decided that our ugly family room in the basement needed to become more inviting.

Paint and the stone wall are complete. We are waiting for our new carpet to be installed to replace the 12 year old massively stained builder's grade carpet. For reference we chose a similar color so there will not be much difference in the color of the new carpet.

Here you can see up close the stone and how it comes together. It was a three day project. Three very long days. Now that we are all done in the family room the kids can get back to their normal activity of wrecking the place with all their toys. Take heart my friends, that this here picture evidence is the very last time this family room will be this clean. I am going to frequently come back to look at this picture for my own sanity.


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