Bathroom reno begins

Out with the old in with the new. We are beginning a new home improvement project. Our main floor powder room has been perfectly fine serving our family. Our motivation has little to do with any serious need for repairs. After being in our home 13 years we realized that we should make an effort to invest in updates.

Not really being fond of its style made for an easy decision to go ahead with a major renovation. The Mister has become creatively inspired by the live edge wood trend that has been popular recently. After making that bar table for our basement he has been thinking of new ideas for our home. He found a gorgeous piece of walnut at a very deep discount. That find has put us on the path of gutting this bathroom down to the sub floor.

The powder room before we began to remove everything. I do still like the paint color. We will not be doing any changes to the floor plan. The sink and toilet will go back in the same places. There will be a completely new sink and we will keep the same toilet because it's in good shape and we are not into wasting too much. We have not decided on the mirror. There are some ideas floating around in our heads about the mirror.


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