Bathroom Reno Continues

Things we have learned today are that shortcuts are taken too frequently with modern home building. What we did not expect to find was an absent moisture barrier on the floor. After removing the tile last night we found subfloor. Ugh! Nothing at all that should have been there. No building code being followed. It made for an unsetting feeling. We have been fortunate to not experience any water leaks because without that moisture barrier the water would have just destroyed our basement. This discovery has made an unexpected change in our timeline. 

We took a trip to the store to pick up some cement board and a few other things. We also learned that when they framed out the bathroom they just nailed in boards all around the plumbing. This means that our sink will have to be a bit higher than we originally wanted. 

We spent the remainder of the day measuring out the tile for the floor, installing the cement board, and getting the tile installed.  

We came to the conclusion that this project is not going to be measured by amount of days it took but rather the amount of things we drank. 


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