Bathroom Reno Days 5-9

We set in the floating live edge walnut counter for some pre-plumbing measuring. The new mirror was put up last night. It works great. We still cannot agree on a light fixture. He wants modern and interesting. I want to stick with something that will maintain the overall look and feel of this bathroom's new vibe. Modern and interesting is not going to work well.

Keith added the wood baseboards which he chalked along the edges. There will be a need for some touch up paint or possibly a whole new coat. We'll decide after everything is done.

Drink tally updated. 

 Toilet went in without any major problems. We needed to make a few adjustments because the floor has become higher with the addition of the cement board water barrier. 

  By the end of the day what we realized is that we are going into another big set back. We had fully expected to be done with the project on day 5. That is now not possible. Since the framing was put in stupidly around the plumbing thanks to the builder; we are having a difficult time getting the water lines to reach appropriately. Our vessel sink is foreign made which has complicated our ability to find longer waterline pipes. It's a matter of do we want to call a plumber to come in and replumb our water line and drain pipe or do we find longer pipes? This will require some thinking for problem solving. 


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