Bathroom Renovation: Complete

Our bathroom renovation project is finally complete. A floating live edge walnut counter with vessel sink. We installed a dimmable LED mirror in a similar shape as the previous mirror.

After days of thinking about solutions to our plumbing issues we are glad to be done. We decided to save money and try to install the sink without having a plumber come in and redo the entire bathroom. Initially it was not an easy to solve problem. The big box home improvement stores were very limited in their available supplies. We considered ordering something online but we still had the problem of getting the male to female couplers sorted out. How we solved our plumbing problem was simple. On an errand I drove by a building and noticed it looked like a plumbing supply store. I checked their website to see if regular non contractor people were able to drop in. Yes! 

So I took in the water line pipes that came with our sink and went to that plumbing supply store and pleaded for help. They were so unbelievably helpful in finding me the correct parts I needed for our sink.  I told the plumber my problem and gave him the measurements of how long of a pipe we would need. I even explained how idiotic the framing was in our walls. He agreed that having the plumbing redone would have been quite expensive for an aesthetic reason. He went to the shelves to put together what I needed. It took 10 minutes. Once we had to correct pipes installing the sink went quickly. After the sink was installed we still had the ugly problem of the white drain pipe being too noticeable. Our solution was to spray paint the pipe an antique brass color. Although the pipe is still there it is not a noticeable anymore.

 The mirror at night shows you how it looks. We finally did agree on a light fixture that suits both of our preferences. I'm not sure what was harder? Working out the plumbing problem or agreeing on a light fixture?


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