Kitchen backsplash

We decided that after 11 years maybe we ought to start to add some pizzaz to our kitchen. Motivation was inspired by our frustration of seeing wall stains behind the oven and sink. I desperately needed a way to help me stop obsessing about scrubbing the walls. Putting up a tile backsplash had been on our minds for years. We could never agree on a color or style so we put the project off until now. It was time to get some sort of backsplash on the walls behind the sink and range. Our initial thought was to stick to a very simple white tile. Off we went to the local home improvement store to get something, anything, to install.

Our kitchen is a faint green color. Its official name is Pale Pastures from Valspar paint number 5006-3A. We removed the back trim from behind the sink. It has been pulling away from the wall for the past two years making our kitchen look ever more in need of maintenance. 

As for how we decided to solve our backsplash problem it was by chance. We had decided to choose something simple in white even before going to the store. After looking around and thinking about the extent of the project we realized that perhaps installing tile was going to be far more than we really wanted to do in a short weekend project. With no real solution at hand we proceeded to look for other things we needed for the house. As we rounded a corner we saw an end display of some peel and stick slate backsplash panels. This was the solution. We picked a few packages of the Aspect Stone in the Weathered Quartz color and set to work. It is easy to install and takes not much more than very sharp utility scissors. Keith got right to work and began the long process of measuring and cutting. We have so many electrical outlets in our kitchen to work around. (That was another reason why we were not interested in using tile.) He managed to make it through the difficult process of being meticulous around the electrical outlets. Once done he reaffixed the back trim behind the sink with some more extra strength epoxy.

The kitchen was out of commission for all of Sunday and part of Monday. We ran into some complications with our electrical outlets. While he was removing the covers to prep the walls several outlets crumbled apart! This led to us deciding to take the time and replace each outlet with a new one then begin work on the backsplash. The delay was well worth our peace of ind knowing that we won't be having an unexpected electrical fire in the kitchen.

Overall the backsplash turned out great and we are very happy with the results. I highly recommend this Aspect Stone product if you are looking for a quick kitchen backsplash update in your home. I've been asking myself why we waited so long? Here's their website if you want to see their product lines: They can also be found online and at many local home improvement stores. I suggest measuring your area to get an idea of how many packages you will need to use.


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