Plastic Sleeping Mats project

Current situation is all about plarn, plastic yarn, making. I need to make lots of it! I have been tapped to help with a project through our church for a Lenten service activity. We are working on making sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic bags. I am this side of crazy in my collection efforts. I went to the local grocery store to collect used plastic bags. A whole shopping cart full! This past week has been all about making the plastic yarn. Each 3’ by 6’ mat requires between 500-700 plastic bags. Or about 6400 yards of plarn! That is a LOT of plarn. Good news is that this upcycle project will provide an useful item for people in need and it makes this eco-warrior’s heart so happy to remove plastic from the landfills. I have been so impressed with my local friends and their willingness to offer their time in helping me collect bags. As of last night I have a true truckload of bags! So that means I am now a yarn making factory. One thing I know: I am not decently skilled at crocheting. I’m learning though, and wow, it has been funny to feel so excited to learn a new craft. It’s has brought back many memories of my learning to knit. Wonky shaped items and those numerous questions: uhhh is this correct? Why is this so funny shaped? Is this a stitch? Oh, wait, how do I do this again? 


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