Favorite Things

Favorite things. They are the things we hold dear to our hearts. Sources of comfort and peace often they are carried with us for years. Over time our favorite things change. Once it was a blanket or favorite toy, soft with scents of home, it felt soothing to hold. Later as age and curiosity leads us along those sources of comfort shift. No longer needing something to snuggle to feel comforted we may rely on images or pieces of home to help us become grounded. Working on laundry today I was lost in the slow calming way folding clothing has on a person. I took the finished pile of clothes to the little girls’ room to put them away. I was met with the scene here, a disarray of blankets and toys in my littlest girl’s bed. 

Among all her favorite things was something of mine. A very ratty (from very constant use these past three years) blue woven scarf. Hand made and woven with recycled fiber the variations of blue, green, red, and yellow made me happy. Soft and light it was just the type of scarf I had been looking for while shopping at the local fair trade store. Now it’s here in her room. Likely taken as she wandered through my room collecting various things she left behind in the morning. I admit that I often find myself feeling more irritation than endearment when I discover the scarf has been relocated. Recently I have decided to let go of the irritation. Yes. I know as she drags this scarf around it becomes more damaged and less wearable in the way and to the places I would prefer. Frayed ends and some small holes. Yet still I love to wear it. She loves it because Mama loves it. I wear it often so it has become almost part of me. So much so that she informs me that the scarf carries the scent of Mama. And what is more comforting to a child than that? For me this scarf is both her and my favorite thing. My friends, what were some of your favorite things? 


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