Dayton Art Institute visit

We have been enjoying our time visiting family in Ohio. So far the days have been cooperative weather wise permitting us to spend a great deal of our time outdoors. Today was the exception. Threatening storms all day really put a wrench in our outdoor time. I took that as an opportunity to take the girls to the Dayton Art Institute. When I was little I came there often with my grandparents. Reminders of those memories was wonderful. 

The girls were very patient with me. I was determined to explore the entire museum. They came along with me for a great portion of the museum but their anxiousness to play was too strong. I sent them off to the children's area while I worked my way through the remainder of the museum. With the girls happily entertained I was able to revisit those long lost memories. Certain pieces brought up memories of "oh, I remember that painting" and "wow, that's still here too" all wonderful to remember.

 The children's area was full of plenty to do. The costumes with a stage was a favorite. I was very impressed with the amount of activities available for children to do. The Dayton Art Institute is a great asset to the Dayton area and I wish we had something this wonderful near us back home.


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