Bean Bins Activity

With our time now being spent more at home finding things to do is very important. Here’s an easy idea for an activity to keep little children busy. 

From the dollar store finds: wash tubs, dry beans, and packages of bugs and animals. I raided my kitchen for some utensils, small bowls, and other items to pour and fill beans into. I set up this area in my living room where the girls can play while I work on things in the kitchen.

For really young children just let them play through exploration. For older kids like my nine year old I challenge her to use the tongs to pull out all the animals/bugs/etc. that begin with the letter “s” and so on. She finds what she can then presents it to me for her to name each one. 

 This is where we can discuss spelling versus sounds of words. This “bean bin” activity can change by adding different items to tuck into the beans. I have used alphabet magnets, die cut wood shapes (or puzzle pieces), numbers, and random small toys. See what you have laying around. You can have a scavenger hunt so to speak depending on what you hide in the bins. 


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