Healthy Fats

These little darlings were a safety net for me during my first trimester. Vanilla Tahini Fat Bombs by Cristina Curp of the Castaway Kitchen became a big source of healthy fats I needed to help combat my frequent nausea and supplement the basic caloric intake. I was in bad shape friends and in great need of something to fulfill my daily fat requirements. I didn’t realize how significant these fat bombs would be to helping me find the easy to digest nutritional fats until I ate one. It was deeply satisfying and honestly I began to crave them for three days eating two or more. Probably not a good idea but it was a sign which told me I was severely lacking in fat. By the fourth day I balanced out and went to consuming one a day in the afternoon. I made some more using candy molds (use whatcha got!) and I nibble on two or three a day. I highly recommend these especially if you too are struggling with first trimester nausea. Notes: I replaced maple syrup for the stevia since I didn’t have that in my pantry but everything else was on hand. 

PS She has so many great recipes that are incredibly tempting. Everything I have made from her website and books have been absolutely amazing. There are many recipes that factor in gluten and other allergy restrictions as well as AIP compliant. Please check out Cristina Curp at the Castaway Kitchen to find the recipe. 


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