Mending Toys


    This sweet little dolly has been in need of a hairstylist who can help her with her hair disaster. I found her left all forlorn on the floor with her hair floppy from play. A handmade toy that has been well loved these past few weeks, maybe a little too much so, I have seen this dolly left all over the house. All that love has been rough on her hair. The hair was hanging on with one small tuft making her look a little frumpy. I could see why little dolly was not being play with much this week. She was in need of help. I spent some time this morning sewing the princess hair back on her head. Lady J noticed what I was doing and became very interested. Her little princess and the pea dolly was going to have a big day ahead once her hair was reattached. She has been eagerly awaiting to return dolly back to her castle with her sweet little friends. I heard murmurs of tea parties and ball gowns as this dolly was swept away with great thoughts of adventure. 


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