Birthday Patterns

This cake wraps up the official May birthday cake train. The Mister always asks for a carrot cake on his birthday. It’s the same cake I have been making him for dozens of years. Cream cheese frosting, mascarpone whipped cream filling, pecans and plump raisins. The cake request has often left the little kids feeling a little disappointed. They think of cake as being covered in sprinkles and definitely not including things like nuts or dried fruit. Every year they sit staring at the plate pausing before the first bite pondering on the disappointing expectations in their minds. That first bite turns in to many lost in their enjoyment they forget about the sprinkles relishing the simple delight of a well made carrot cake. Sigh. I laugh every year as this repeats itself each May. I also smile as I watch the older girls thoroughly enjoy the cake they once thought was a suspicious dare. These are the stories of our families the pieces of our lives that become circular reminders of the patterns that become tradition.


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