Masks are the new Accessory

We have new masks! Throughout this pandemic we had been getting by on one cloth mask per person but now that is not going to be a feasible option. Previously we all were not going any where so one mask was plenty. As we have proceeded into phase three in our area being able to get out into the world wearing a mask is a nonnegotiable option for our family. There is also the prospect of school being open for the little ones and big ones which means they will need more to wear. I decided to order some new ones from a dear lovely family friend, Bri Moss Creations. I love supporting small businesses and I especially love supporting women who are mothers in their businesses. Bri has a great eye for fabric choices and these reversible masks make it like two for one! When they arrived, beautifully wrapped, we were so excited to try them on. We chose some superhero fabric, space fabric, and lovely French themed prints. The older girls found the French fabrics stylish and pretty. I was thrilled to have a mask with my favorite women superheroes. Lady A was so happy to have an outer space fabric mask that she couldn't stop telling all her friends about it. Lady J adores the Care Bear fabric! We are very ready to get outside and show them off. 
PS: If you like the masks we are wearing you should check out her shop link:  


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