Plates of Food for Gestational Diabetes

Here are some examples of meals I have been experimenting with during my Gestational Diabetes journey. I have enjoyed all of them. So far the only two I can eat in the morning for breakfast is the salmon burger and the protein shake. The other choices kept raising my BSL too high after having elevated fasting levels. If you are not having problems with keeping your FSL below 90mg/dL then all of these meals will be great options for you to eat. 

Southwest salmon burger w/ sliced tomato, scallions, and cilantro lime sauce.

Protein shake brand I drink for a pm snack

Taco bowl: 1/3c rice, ground beef, refried beans, chopped bell pepper & tomato, avocado, garlic mayo

1/2 hamburger w/ketchup, cheese curds, red bell peppers, snap peas.

No sugar wheat bread toasted, sliced green bell peppers, 1/4c cheddar cheese melted, 7 cherry tomatoes.

Chickpea pancakes, 2T cream cheese, shredded carrot, sliced bell peppers, cucumbers. 

Gluten free Low carb waffles w/2T cream cheese, sliced strawberries & sprinkle maple sugar.


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