Campus Move in weekend

It's college move in weekend. How can that be so soon? She has been setting aside things to take along with her in big piles in her room. We went shopping for the last few things this past week and I do say that she feels ready for her big adventure as a University students. While I have to miss the opportunity to help her set up her dorm (as most parents due to the Covid, most schools are limiting or even excluding parent help.) I know she's in good hands. She's all set up thanks to the Papa Bear. They went down for the weekend to get her settled in. They reported the small number of students coming to campus. The typical move in day seemed very quiet, with move in dates being staggered to keep distancing limits set. She packed very light just in case the semester of dorm living has to be unexpectedly cut short. Taking so few things meant that they made a quick job of move in. They had a good weekend together exploring the town, checking out local stores, and setting up her room. With the weather being so great they even managed to head over to the beach for a day in the sun. 

We are crossing our fingers that all goes well for the next few months so that her campus remains open until the end of term. Her school has the students on campus until the week of Thanksgiving when all students are to head back home to complete the semester virtually. She has a few classes meeting in person and the others will be virtual. This is going to be an interesting school year for her and all the college students. While we are so proud of her and excited for the next chapter of her life she will be dearly missed at home.


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