Morning Snapshots

The coffee table has become a home for the paper family the little gals have created. Paper dolls have been a big hit here these hot and humid days of Virginia. What has been particularly fun to watch are the extra details the girls have been adding to the paper dolls. As they play their stories unwind and with it needs of accessories grow. The other day it was decided that a few of these dolls needed fingernail polish. And...if you have nail polish then of course you must have jewelry! So it went. Small details began to added. Buttons, socks, hair bows, neck ties, on and on. If you are wondering about the little bunny, that is one I made about 6 years ago. She’s a squishy soft bunny knit from a soft chenille yarn. I used vintage fabric ironed on with interfacing then hand stitched it for inside her ears. This bunny pops up randomly then disappears again a result of the natural consequences of imaginative play.


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