Finally Home!


    I will always love this picture. The welcoming home of a new sibling is the most precious moment to observe. Four sisters so eager to meet their brother. Eyes wide smiles big. The joy was so felt in every gasp as they remarked on his teeny toes, sweet fingers, soft hair, and tiny body. A newborn is such a delight. Little DK made the rounds between the arms of his dear sisters. Such love. He is so very loved. 

    We have had a very long week of waiting to bring our sweet boy home. The pandemic really changed the way families can experience the birth of a child. The times of past where siblings can peek at the baby from the window at the hospital are no longer an option. Our children had to wait patiently to meet their little brother. Every day their messages sent asking for another picture one more update. Any news of when we would be home. Waiting had been hard. Anyone who has had an infant in the NICU truly understands the value in waiting. Every day is a prayer and hope of being one day closer to getting home. There were many days of tears the anguish of leaving our newborn boy at the hospital day after day. The agony of being told more time is needed. He's not ready to go home yet. The anticipation of being able to hold him the one time each day wishing that he could be home. Today we made it home. HOME. All of us together. Home really is the best place to be. We are so very happy to welcome our little boy home. 


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