Coffee Table Schooling


 I’ve got a sweet but fussy babe in my arms and a fourth grader that needs to get caught up with schoolwork. I’m in a crash course of using technology on multiple platforms. Lack of sleep sure hasn’t helped. My biggest challenge is being a Mac user trying to learn all this PC stuff especially when the software is just so dreadful. I’m looking at you Windows updates. These days are hard. The struggle to get our normal figured out while keeping up with the new style of virtual learning. I am grateful for the freedom to be at home with the children and help them with their work. I know that this is not the option for many. What I do know is that regardless of your schooling life this virtual way is rather hard on all of us. We dearly miss the rhythm of the school day with the excitement of seeing dear friends and beloved teachers. In the meantime we'll keep working along crossing our fingers that soon we can return to the schools with our friends. 


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