Fall Afternoon at the Winery


    We spent a beautiful Fall afternoon at our favorite winery. We’ve missed several pick up dates of our wine share. Now that Covid is not as big of a thorn in our sides and the little guy is a month old getting outside just felt so very good. I needed the outing. Being cooped up inside has a way of making the days feel far longer than they are in real time. It has been so nice to feel like the world can be normal even if it is for an afternoon. We enjoyed some cheese and crackers with a glass of wine or apple juice like the little girls. We even splurged and ordered a plate of handmade chocolates. Some friendly people offered to take our picture. I'm so glad they did, it was just a beautiful day, the pictures are so sweet to see of us. Here’s to a beautiful Fall day and to having a small taste of what life was like before the world went wacky. Happy Fall my friends! 


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