Saint Martin de Porres


“Compassion, my dear Brother,  is preferable to cleanliness.  Reflect that with a little soap, I can easily clean my bed covers but even with a torrent of tears, I would never wash from my soul, the stain, that my harshness toward the unfortunate would create.”

Today is the Feast Day of St. Martin de Porres, also called the “Father of all”. He was such an interesting, humble, and kind hearted Saint. He is known to be the patron saint of social justice, people of mixed race, those facing discrimination, public health workers, barbers, and innkeepers. An interesting tidbit: He and Saint Rose of Lima were friends, she was canonized 1671. He was canonized May 6, 1962. He was a vegetarian and like St. Francis of Assisi had a devotion for caring for animals. Saint Martin de Porres was particularly focused on caring for the sick and injured and was known to find himself in trouble with his Order for disobeying rules of leaving the compound. He gladly accepted his punishment because he felt that caring for the suffering was a necessity. Having personal experience of being raised without a father he knew the importance of family and was a life long champion for orphaned children. He was highly supportive of work as service. St. Martin de Porres always said that chores were like little acts of love for God as these chores were service to others. He is in my top 10 favorite saints. We could all use an little bit of being like St. Martin de Porres in our lives. Imagine the world if only we were willing to be as kind hearted and patient as he. Artwork by Ali Towle of Saint Script.


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