Baby Wearing


This is the way I have to make it through the day. Five children all have been different save one thing: they have to be held. Each of my children has had the strongest instinct to remain attached to us. I lovingly call them my little koalas. Way back when the older girls were in childcare I would be greeted with an exasperated care giver exclaiming “she wouldn’t let me put her down!” I would nod and share my words of understanding. I know. I KNOW. I know they scream and fuss and throw crying fits. It is their desire to be held, to feel secure, to know the warmth of their human protector. It’s not an act of indulgence or spoiling or anything else of the sort. This is parenting in the primal sense. Baby and Mama are a team built to love. Right now I am trying to figure out our team uniform situation. This guy has been rather finicky about the carriers. My arms are feeling too fatigued to go solo anymore. At four months he’s packing in at 16+ pounds which is making this even more tricky. Today I am using the ring sling carrier made by Mebien. He seems to tolerate it better than my other options. I, on the other hand, do not like this as much. I’ve not been one for using sling carriers as I prefer to have both arms free with full mobility. I also do not like the weird to me feel of the ring. What I do like is that this is by far the best sling I have used. The fabric is lovely and wears comfortably. The fabric is a beautiful strong Turkish cotton and it has a 3 inch aluminum ring. This sling is easy to adjust and has a pocket that can be used. Since he’s larger I am able to wear it with him on my hip which is helpful for my comfort. If your baby is like mine and is not inclined to feel scrunched up this is a good option. I’d love it if he would be willing to sleep inside the pouch more but he hates being bent and covered up. This big fella likes his space! We are in the experimenting phase here so let’s see how it goes with the various carrier styles 


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