Park napping


Warm days have been a welcome relief after all these days of cold rain. We have a week of warm spring days and we plan on using them up. At the park the gals are ran around with gusto while the little guy took a nap. He put up quite the fight resisting his nap all day long. I walked around that park so many times before he finally fell asleep. He is a go hard all day long guy and I suspect he’s not going to change in that regard! I'm taking a few minutes to myself to work on his bonnet. I’m slowly finishing the i-cord for his bonnet. So close to being done. While I was knitting I realized I have to think of some cute somethings to make for Easter. Time is not on my side this year! Not sure what I’ll make but I know what ever I do make it has to be small and quick to knit. 


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