Importance of Slowing Down


I am so tired. I cannot even describe how tired I am. This sweet blessing of a boy is absolutely comforted in my arms. He is a decent over night sleeper, albeit a hungry one, sleeping in his own bed. But napping? Not having it outside my arms. It’s almost fitting. He is our very last baby. These days of my holding a baby of mine are so very limited. While I am constantly thinking of the millions of things I need to do I am perfectly happy holding the one that is the most important to me right now. These days of being comfort and safety for our dear babies is so very important. Mamas, don’t let those days pass too swiftly. Hold your dear babies as much as you can, I promise you these moments will be infinitely beneficial to you and your darling baby in the future. With love, the Mama who has been mothering 20+ years. Love your babies in your arms for hours and hours and do it without worry. That is truly the good work of mothering.


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