Nursing Strike


Even the most seasoned mothers have mountains to climb. This breastfeeding mountain is difficult AND gloriously worth the effort. But….it is a long journey and it does carry with it many unexpected hurdles. Baby 5, this should be easy, yes? If only! Each one of my sweeties has followed a different path for their breastfeeding rhythms. My experience has still left me in moments of "what now?" My what now moment is another nursing strike. Little DK has refused to breastfeed yet again. He is teething fiercely, 6 teeth at once, and has been in a terrible mood for a few weeks. We are on day 5 of his strike. He desperately wants the comfort but is violently refusing to breastfeed. It’s hard. So very hard to repeatedly attempt our routine to have him wail in agony. Meanwhile I’m back to pumping and waiting. He has been eating food but not what I would say is enough for him to be weaning yet. With his dairy and egg sensitivity he has put me in a bit of a box. It’s a bumpy road right now and I’m hanging on! We’ll see how this road goes and where it will take us.


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