Window Sill


The simple. The ordinary. The mundane. These descriptions are frequently used to describe the daily in and outs of our life. It is meant to label these tasks as being unexceptional. But, why? Why must we always be drawn in to believe that doing the exceptional is the only place to gain worth? It’s a fool’s quest. Is it not delightful to take a first sip of your morning coffee or tea? Is it not wonderful to see a bright smile on the face of your teenager? Is it not endearing to see siblings enjoying each other’s company? Is it not comforting to embrace your spouse before they head out for the day? There is far too much racing for and dare I say looking for exceptional, amazing, unique, special….all things that cause us to miss the important parts of our own lives. My kitchen window is always cluttered. In a home with small children this is the one place of refuge I have to store the dangerous things. Bits and bobs, medicines, marbles, nails…..But sometimes I manage to find a few things from our daily life here. This week it is making space for a small vase of flowers. The last bits summer here to remind me that the simple, the mundane, the ordinary are very much beautiful and important and loved.


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