Our Favorite Christmas Album


This album has become my all time favorite for Christmas and if I had to choose one to listen to until the end of time would be it. I was gifted this Christmas Album years ago by my dear friend Orysia. We share a deep love of music and this was such a beautiful gift that our family has come to enjoy for years. Its beautifully made sound with acoustically based instruments and multiple voices has such lovely folk songs that we often find every one singing along with these songs.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a talented folk artist and well known more for her children’s music but her music community runs deep and yes, that’s Natalie Merchant singing along with her as well as Simi Stone, Amy Helm and Ruthy Ungar. If you’re looking for a new Christmas album and like folk music this is for you. Actually it’s good for anyone. These old songs being revived are a great treasure. The Smithsonian has them recorded for this reason. 

Album name: The Sounding Joy 
The Sounding Joy

PS: various streaming services offer this album digitally and often we have discovered that seasonally it is free for subscribers. It's worth checking those sites for a listen. Also you can see the videos on the web by searching for the album name. 

PPS: I do not want to specifically name sites, vendors, etc. nor link directly to those many sites. I have been on this blog for years and have discovered that time changes and links break and that I don't check frequently enough on those things to ensure their working order. Besides, as a librarian I firmly believe good old fashioned research still is the best way to find the things. 


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