Out of Place Dandelion


On my way to afternoon school pick up while pushing a stroller with a wild little toddler boy clutching two baseballs in his hands I noticed this little dandelion. All by itself popping up out of a heavily leaf covered lawn. Its being here at the cusp of winter was well out of place seasonally speaking but I was delighted to see it. And I just wanted to say this dandelion is me and you and you and YOU! Sometimes we pop up and feel so out of place. We’re not on time, or wearing the wrong thing, or just feeling plain awkward, whatever the reason the feeling of being out of place. Don’t despair! Someone is quite glad to see YOU, the very YOU that you are and they are so happy that you have brightened up a little space of this world that had seemed so bland and unremarkable. I’m glad to see you little dandelion your cheerful beauty has a meaningful place in this world.


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