Changes to Routines


It has been nearly four months since we transitioned this little fella to his own room. It was an easier transition than I anticipated! He was pretty accustomed to being in his own room within days. For months I have been moving and shifting things around in all the bedrooms. This all was set in motion when we, thanks to a break in the world craziness, concluded months of searching for an apartment with finding the perfect place. The older college gals were able to venture out on their own to enjoy the remaining few years of college life away from home. (Not far of course!) Their new chapter provided the motivation for making more space for the remaining children. After shifting all of the things, so many, many, things I was able to get the children settled. Ok, somewhat, but enough to make the burden of having furniture and clothing piles in the rooms they are supposed to be in lifted off my list. I have much more to sort out in their rooms. A lifetime of sorting as it goes with children, their rooms, and the odds ‘n ends they collect. Meanwhile I was feeling so deflated from the piles of clothes etc that needed to be put in our room as a holding area while we moved each kid around. Last weekend I completed organization of the last big pile. It’s still stacked up in bins in a corner and will be there a little longer as we determine how to work clothing storage for the little girls. All this to say I NEEDED to change more in our room. It needed to become a calm place for me again. No more piles. I need our bedroom to be more settled, peaceful. So I made some changes and so far it is feeling better. As I stand here thinking more of how I want to make small decorative improvements this little boy likes to romp around while I fold laundry. I must say I often forget the view out this window of the cherry blossoms is quite beautiful.


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