Find Your Puddles of Fun


The joy of childhood is seeing a puddle as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. For parents the true test is viewing the world in your child’s eyes. Eager we are to label the world for our kids before they are able to learn to see with an open heart. Whimsical days bring great treasures for children and these are the days of growing truly gentle hearts with willing hands and feet. Some of the most wonderful parts of life occur as a result of making a mess. It is there where we can most learn the depths of loving and feeling wholeheartedly.

Find your puddles my friends. Splash deeply in the loveliness of life. Let the belly laughs release into the wind and there you will find the simple pleasure of joyful memories. Need help? Might I suggest watching a sweet toddler stomping around after an afternoon rainstorm. They are great teachers carrying wise reminders for us adults.


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