Little Radish

 The first little harvest from the garden. I hastily planted very terribly crooked rows of radishes. I never thin them out. Mostly as I forget the whole part about thinning for them to grow better. Here we are a small handful for me to enjoy with crackers and butter. I’m sure some more will make their way inside to the kitchen, I’m quite happy to have them as French Breakfast radishes are not easily found to buy. Today I peeked in on the strawberries. They are nearly ready! I wager next week will be a delightful one with plenty of strawberries to share. By the end of the month we’ll have the tomatoes and peppers planted. I’m not putting much else in this year…maybe I should have planned better. We chose to try a larger herb garden. Incidentally some volunteer potatoes are coming up? Or maybe they are from a previous year’s negligence? Either way it will be fun to see how that goes. I’m a much better volunteer plant farmer than anything else.


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