Here We Are


What I love is….sitting in this chair a sleeping toddler’s body is draped over me deeply snoring from a busy day of exploring. Between his snores of sleep I hear the soft sucking noises he makes as his mouth and body still are programmed to be nursing for comfort. Sweet pieces of his babyhood still linger these 22 months along. 

Back history: he went on a nursing strike one year ago. For as much as I tried nothing brought him back so I have been pumping for him. In total it has been 14 months and counting that I have pumped milk. His allergies make this our only option.

It has been hard for me. This last baby and my most trying breastfeeding journey. I am coping with the exhaustion of being a pumper when I knew we were able to breastfeed. This change has made many things for us more difficult. It's a sacrifice I am committed to because it is the only option that provides sustainable nourishment for my sweet little guy. My hardship will be miniscule in comparison to the nutritional benefit he receives each day.


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