Karen's Bonnet knitted project

 Last September I knit a similar bonnet. This September I am knitting another! I like this semi tradition that seems to be coming together. I am making this sweet little bonnet by request of a friend for a precious baby nephew. I used the same pattern from Petit Knit called Karen’s Bonnet as I did for knitting the previous two bonnets. As for the yarn: I chose to make this bonnet from a skein in my stash. I used Alpaca with a Twist baby twist, the color is called rose gray but it’s really a lovely brown. This was once a favorite yarn and for some reason I bought an unreasonable amount of it. In many colors. Admittedly too much of this yarn. The company has since closed so I guess we can call it vintage yarn! 

I am finishing up the casing for the cording. I will make a few stitches in the back to secure the cording in place. This will keep the cording from being pulled from the casing which is a helpful feature for securely tying the bonnet. After making three of these bonnets I have fallen in love with this pattern. A sweet little gift knit that is of heirloom quality, a great pattern for any knitter to have on hand, and a delight to knit. I have to admit that I cast on for ANOTHER one using the back up choice yarn. I wasn’t sure if this brown yarn was going to work so I chose a green yarn. The extra bonnet is for fun because this pattern is quick to knit and spectacular to gift. I will likely gift the next bonnet to some sweet baby in need of a gift. 


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