Santa Key Tradition


When we talk about holidays the one word that comes up often and especially with Christmas is Tradition. What are the things we do as Christmas traditions? Some are handed down through our families and others we just come by. This Santa Key is one we just came by. This tradition was one we built with our little family. The tradition in our family is to set out a special magic filled key on the doorknob to welcome Santa on Christmas Eve. This key is for children that may not have a chimney on their house that Santa traditionally uses to deliver the presents. This key was given to us by a dear friend of mine 20 years ago. Our first apartment had no chimney and she realized we needed a key for Santa. She reportedly found this at a shop that specializes in Christmas cheer. This key is very special to our children and they look forward to hanging on our front door Christmas Eve night. This little key has become a beloved part of our Christmas traditions. A tradition we built with our own little, rather now, I should say big family.


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